1957 Chevrolet Corvette


Wallingford, CT

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Engine: Gasoline 283ci

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Fuel Injected

-4-speed (Late build)
-Fresh Restored-Frame-Off Restored
-Restored to NCRS standards

1957 for the Corvette was one of the cleanest designed cars, it was the pinnacle for American car design and the first year for "Fuel Injection". The 1957 Corvette is one of the most iconic Corvettes and most sought after. One first was "One Horsepower per Cubic Inch" The 283ci "Fuelie" pumped out 283hp.

The styling of the 1957 Corvette was largely unchanged, however the performance vastly improved. In 1957 the new Corvette took a giant stride forward with the introduction of the new Ramjet Fuel Injection. This was at the time, the most advanced performance feature ever offered on an American production engine. The Ramjet Fuel Injection, an efficient constant flow system that eliminated the carburetor, delivered fuel directly to the cylinders for instantaneous accelerator response, greater overall fuel economy, higher low-speed torque and smoothness, ease of starting and overall improvement of engine performance, was sensational. In one bold stroke the 1957 Chevrolet Corvette provided a new dimension of driving pleasure.

Valve-in-head V8, 283-cubic-inch displacement, 3.88″ bore x 3.0″ stroke, 9.5 to 1 compression ratio. 220 h.p. at 4600 r.p.m. with 4-barrel carburetor. 245 h.p. at 5000 r.p.m with Ramjet Fuel Injection system. High-lift camshaft, hydraulic valve lifters. Independent operating mechanism for each valve. Cast aluminum rocker covers on optional engines. Buffed aluminum racing-type oil-wetted air cleaners, chrome plated single air cleaner with fuel injection. Five-bearing forged steel crank-shaft. Special replaceable-insert main and connecting rod bearings. Full-pressure lubrication system with full-flow oil filter. Full dual exhaust system. Shielded ignition, 12-volt electrical system. Engine precision balanced after assembly.

Maximum performance 283 h.p. at 6200 r.p.m. engine available only with close-ratio Synchro-Mesh features Ramjet Fuel Injection system, 10.5 to 1 compression ratio, competition-type camshaft, and high-speed valve system with special valve springs, spring dampers, and mechanical valve lifters.

This particular car underwent a full frame-off restoration to NCRS specifications. This car is a great Collector Car in any collection.

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