2014 Ferrari 458


Wallingford, CT

Price: $0

Willing to trade for: %%trade_brand_name%%


Ask for:

email: gtmotorcarsllc@gmail.com

phone: 888-204-0440

Car / Truck

Vehicle Type: Not specified

Condition: Not specified

Engine: Gasoline 4.5 Liter V8

Drivetrain: Not specified

Transmission: Not specified

Conversions / Upgrades: Not specified


Fully Loaded Spider.

-Carbon Package
-Carbon Wheel with Tachometer
-Front Axle Lift Suspension
-Clear PPF on entire front end
-Rear Park Camera
-Park Sensors
-Escort Built in Radar System
-Clean Car Fax
-8k miles

Last Naturally Aspirated Ferrari Mid-Engine. This car had a big window with an over $300k MSRP. Carbon Package, with tachometer on the steering wheel. Must have "Front Axle Lift". Tires and brakes are excellent.

Showing just over 8k miles.

Ad ID: 29907

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