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How Rubber Hits The Road started:

I was a frustrated car enthusiast. Being a self-taught, backyard mechanic, with limited skills, tools, and time, left me fixing my ’67 LeMans more than driving it. And I wanted to drive the car DAILY. Yes daily! So I searched the internet for specialty auto shops in my area (Westchester County, NY) to do some custom work on my car. I knew speed shops were around but I couldn’t find them.

A few years ago, after finally getting my LeMans back on the road, I searched the internet for car shows in my area. I knew there were car shows in Westchester every night of the week but again, I couldn’t find them on the internet.

I was frustrated. I was not getting to car shows, my car was not running well, and most importantly, I was not driving it very much. I also knew I was not alone.

So I decided to do something about it, for both me and you. This website is for all of us. We are in this together and I can’t do it alone. We need to share the information with others. We need to tell everyone to post the information here on Rubber Hits The Road.

Then I’ll do my part. It’s not only about the information. It’s got to be easy to get the information. I am designing this website to be the easiest resource for car enthusiasts on the internet. So stay tuned. But don’t just watch it develop. Participate and contribute your ideas and data.

Let’s work together to make our great hobby even better!

David Visaggi


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