New Jersey is one of the states where we have extra focus on select areas including car shows in Northern NJ and car shows in Southern NJ. (click here)

On this page you will learn which of our regional Facebook and Twitter pages cover select counties for car shows in New Jersey. Follow them for up to date car shows and car enthusiast news for in:

  • Bergen county, NJ
  • Essex county, NJ
  • Hudson county, NJ
  • Passaic county, NJ
  • Union county, NJ
  • Mercer county, NJ
  • Middlesex county, NJ
  • Monmouth county, NJ
  • Somerset county, NJ
  • Hunterdon county, NJ
  • Warren county, NJ
  • Sussex county, NJ

We automatically post car shows in these counties to our regional Facebook and Twitter pages shown on this New Jersey page. Following them is a good way to stay informed of car shows in your New Jersey county.

Soon we will also broadcast other regional things like local custom and restoration shops, car clubs, and auto museums for these New Jersey counties. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to stay informed.

Why Do We Have Regional Facebook and Twitter Accounts?

Because we don’t want to waste your time. Most New Jersey car enthusiasts are not interested in hearing about car shows from other states. By following the social media pages that cover your New Jersey counties, you ensure only relevant news comes to you.

Why Do Our Regional Pages Cover Only Certain Counties in New Jersey?

We can’t be everywhere. While anyone can post a car show for free on our site, we still post the majority of the car shows ourselves. For this reason we had to pick the counties that could serve the most car enthusiasts. As participation increases by other car enthusiasts, we can increase our social media coverage to other New Jersey counties.

What Can You Do To Help?

Encourage New Jersey event organizers to post events themselves here on RHTR. Tell others about our site. Like us and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Comment our postings on Facebook. Retweet our Twitter broadcasts. Tell others about our regional pages for these counties in NJ. Tell others about our coverage in the other states. Do you know any automotive journalists? If so, tell them about RHTR. They would want to know.

An Additional Resource

Our friends over at New Jersey Car Shows also have many events posted. Check them out too!


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